Thursday, May 12, 2016

My Blogs

Paulishing is a term I made up at work where part of what I did was review documents and presentations for spelling, grammar and clarity, basically polishing up documents.  So Paulishing is just a twist on polishing, and reflects my love of writing.

The Daily Posts blog is a short sentence or two, usually with a link and/or picture, of something I find interesting.  Could be a computer tip or perhaps on how to tie shoes properly.  I try to post most days Monday-Friday, but it varies.

The Life Experiences blog are stories about my life, such as "The Best of 2015" and "On Becoming Left-Handed".

The Technology Viewpoint blog is more about my work.  Some are technical, others like "Buyers Seek Sellers" or "A Dose of Human Reality" are not.

Another option is to follow me on Google+ or Twitter.  All three blogs are also published there.